Hind Adib

Founder and Designer: Hind Adib Fashion

How I Became My Own Princess Charming

Choosing to live the life that you love and want always comes at a cost. The emotional roller coaster and the doubts will make you believe that you might have chosen the wrong path. But nothing great comes easy. And I'd like to encourage everyone to keep going after the life that excites them, no matter how tough it can get.


Having worked in the fashion industry as a Creative Manager and Photographer for 2 years, Hind practiced and built the belief that no dream is out of reach.

In 2016, she decided to leave the comfort zone behind by taking a leap of faith and start her own unisex fashion brand, using her life experiences and stories to send messages of empowerment and love through her clothing.

Her aim is to build an encouraging and loving world for those who feel different in some way. Hoping that through constantly breaking stereotypes, more people will feel less alone in this world.